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Play and record Internet audio or video streams and manage your multimedia library from within a user-friendly and intuitive interface

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TVersity Media Server is an application designed to help you detect and share multimedia files on your home network and the Internet. With this application, you can search, play and record online audio-video content.

The media server runs in the system tray and provides you with a method to easily manage your media library from both online and offline sources. The sources are organized in different folders: you can browse your system for audio, video or picture files and add them to the offline source.

Also, you can add items from the Internet, including media RSS feeds. You simply have to enter the URL and optionally assign it a title or a tag. The feed settings can be customized, as you can change the maximum number of items to display and add to your collection.

Furthermore, the program supports Flickr URLs, thus allowing you to view your friends' latest photos anytime you want. This media server can also include Google search queries and videos, as well as YouTube uploads, subscriptions or playlists.

With this application, you are able to play Internet audio and video streams on multiple playback devices, including TV, Wii, Playstation and so on. A useful feature is that the media server automatically detects when a multimedia file requires transcoding for playback on your media hub.

Every source item added can be edited or deleted later, thus you have full control over your media collection. Every media item you add is placed in the library corresponding folder, allowing you to easily find them. Also, you can schedule the application to automatically refresh the media library.

In addition to this, the application scans your network for available devices and allows you to handle all media files available.

TVersity Media Server allows you to view Internet media content on your TV, while also enabling you to properly organize your media library.

TVersity Media Server was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on August 31st, 2015
TVersity Media Server - The main window of the application allows you to share videos, songs or photos from your hard driveTVersity Media Server - You can easily add a media source by entering its name and URL address in order to access its contentsTVersity Media Server - From within the program, you can login to Crackle, Flickr, Hulu, Pandora, Picasa and YouTubeTVersity Media Server - You can view information about how many videos, audio files and photos the media library containsTVersity Media Server - From the Settings window, you can automatically detect devices such as iPhones, smartphones or media playersTVersity Media Server - screenshot #6TVersity Media Server - screenshot #7

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