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The application enables you to record a video of your desktop or an area of it, as well as capture screenshots that are saved as BMP files

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WM Capture is a handy software application which helps individuals capture everything that is happening on their screen. It might be particularly useful to people who make tutorials on a regular basis, like teachers.

The interface has a modern and neat design. Aside from that, it is user-friendly and non-obtrusive.

In order to start recording, all you have to do is mark the exact location that you need to capture and press the recording button. When you have finished, just simply press the “Stop” button and the file is going to be saved to your hard drive. It might be important to mention that the application creates a folder in “My Videos” with the name of the application, where it saves recorded footage.

From the main window you can take pictures, manage the volume and view a list of all the videos you have created, along with details such as filename, type, size and date.

WM Capture has an option that enables screen capturing in the background. This means that you can open any apps and windows, without obscuring the recording video.

In the settings panel users can choose audio and video sounds, including the bit-rate (expressed in Kb/sec), number of frames per second and video format. There is also the possibility of accessing a list of recommended settings that you can choose, divided into formats and modes of recording for single/dual core computers and or slower PCs.

All in all, WM Capture is a useful piece of software that helps you easily record videos of anything on your screen and take pictures. It is perfect for capturing movies, as it can detect motion. It uses minimal CPU and memory. Time response is good and resulted video files are high quality.

WM Capture was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on June 23rd, 2014
WM Capture - WM Capture allows you to record your desktop or capture screenshots of a selected area.WM Capture - You can select the desktop area you want to record, then export the recorded file to a video.WM Capture - Using the application you can schedule to record your desktop at specified times and dates.WM Capture - You can select the output file of the video capture, as well as specify the maximum file size and recording time.WM Capture - From the Tools menu, you can access audio options and the scheduler or you can setup the storage folder.WM CaptureWM CaptureWM CaptureWM Capture

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