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With this simple and intuitive application, you can easily record any streaming and non-streaming movies off any computer screen

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liteCam HD is a user-friendly and efficient piece of software created to offer you the means of recording videos that are being rendered on our computer in any window, requiring simply that you point it in the right direction.

Subsequent to the installation process, you can launch the program from the desktop shortcut that it creates and a start screen will be displayed informing you of what are the main functions along with buttons that you can use.

Clean and functional interface

liteCam HD‘s interface is fairly attractive and very straight-forward, proving quite approachable even for individuals with limited computer skills or no prior experience with similar software.

The main window of the utility basically allows you to set the exact region that you want to record, the preferred resolution as well as several other features related to the audio and video capture.

Select the area and start recording

To begin, you can use your mouse cursor to determine the size of the window, by moving the window’s corners; you can also determine its precise position on the screen. From the toolbar, you can choose to record a window and a webcam simultaneously, or you can choose the audio device you want to capture sounds from.

Moreover, you can select the type of recording that you intend to perform, for instance ‘Video’, ‘Game’, ‘General’ or ‘Audio’, as well as the preferred ‘Resolution’, like ‘Rectangle’, ‘Full Screen’, ‘Window’, ‘800x600’ and others.

From the ‘Options’ section, you can decide whether to include the mouse cursor, the number of frames per second and the output audio and video format. Similarly, you can set up a ‘Timer Recording’, for a certain duration, after which your computer can shutdown.

In addition, you can apply a logo or credits for the movie, while also being able to insert a title. When the configuration process has been finalized, you can press the ‘Record’ button to begin capturing images.

Effective desktop recorder

In conclusion, liteCam HD is an intuitive and very easy to use application which enables you to capture and save videos from any window or screen on your computer, be it streaming or non-streaming movies, with minimal effort.

liteCam HD was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on November 26th, 2014
liteCam HD - liteCam HD allows you to record any screen activity from your computer and save it as video or images.liteCam HD - While active, you are able to grab screenshots, add annotations and expand the recording area.liteCam HD - After a recording finishes, you can preview it before exporting and convert the material to a different format.liteCam HD - screenshot #4liteCam HD - screenshot #5liteCam HD - screenshot #6liteCam HD - screenshot #7liteCam HD - screenshot #8liteCam HD - screenshot #9liteCam HD - screenshot #10liteCam HD - screenshot #11

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