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Video capture / screen capture tool for 3D graphics applications - such as games

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Taksi provides you with a comprehensive tool that can be used for capturing and recording 3D graphics applications. It comes with advanced features that make it suitable for taking screenshots and recording the screen while playing games or running 3D programs, without affecting system performace.

The application comes with support for GDI, DirectX and OpenGL, enabling you to easily record videos and save them to your PC, in AVI format. The video capture mode does not impose any time limit, so you can record as much as you want to, as long as you keep in mind disk space requirements.

The target frame rate, the video compressor type, the audio format and attributes (frequency, channel type etc.) are customizable. Taksi can also write uncompressed AVI files, which preserves the video quality, but requires a large amount of free disk space.

The main interface is not so appealing, only comprising the playback, recording and option buttons. The application behavior and settings can be customized using the 'Config' window, where you can specify the output location, the output parameters, set custom frame rates and weights (to determine whether to capture a frame or not) for each 3D application or set the program to capture the entire screen.

Customizable hotkeys are also available, in order to make Taksi easier to use and activate it while running the target 3D application or playing a game. This way, you can start recording or take a screenshot by simply pressing a key combination.

The program can automatically generate live statistics for the currently hooked process, displaying information about the last event description, the frame rate and the recording data size.

Taksi comes in handy for creating video tutorials and gameplay recordings. It is designed to help you record video clips and capture still frames, while enjoying your favorite 3D game or application.

Taksi was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on April 2nd, 2013
Taksi - This is the main window of the application, where you will view the features that you can use.Taksi - By accessing the Directory tab of the application, you can change the Capture folder.Taksi - From the Format tab, the user can select a new audio format or a video codec.Taksi - The application enables you to change the attributes of your audio format.Taksi - screenshot #5Taksi - screenshot #6Taksi - screenshot #7Taksi - screenshot #8Taksi - screenshot #9

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