DataOne bandwidth usage finder (formerly DataOne tool)

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A handy application that was especially designed to provide those who subscribed to BSNL with a means of monitoring their bandwidth usage

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As most users know, monitoring the amount of bandwidth used is extremely important, especially when on a limited broadband plan, because exceeding the quota might involve supplementary and unexpected costs.

To take care of this potential issue, most service providers offer their subscribers a means of tracking the usage, either directly from a dedicated website or through a specialized application. BSNL users have at their disposal a special tool, called DataOne bandwidth usage finder, which will help them get the statistics from the official usage checking site.

Simple interface for logging in and viewing stats

A neat feature of DataOne bandwidth usage finder is the ability to run right out of the box, without requiring to be installed onto the PC. This means that you should be able to verify the current status of your subscription from any computer, bu simply starting this tool from a removable storage device.

The GUI is pretty straightforward, as it allows you to log into your DataOne account with a couple of clicks. You will just have to select the time frame for which you want to view the details, then input the administrative login URL address that will be used for retrieving the information from BSNL.

Detailed reports, with graphical usage charts

This software solution is able to provide in-depth info concerning the bandwith usage for a certain period and the listing that is available in the 'Report' area includes exact time intervals, the download, upload and total amount of data, the duration as well as the values for charged bandwidth and daily total.

Insofar as the graphs are concerned, DataOne bandwidth usage finder displays a bar chart, where each day is represented, so you can get an exact evaluation of the bandwidth used daily. The total usage for every day can be viewed by hovering the cursor over the bars.

An indispensable tool for BSNL subscribers

All users who get their Internet from BSNL will certainly appreciate this application, as it can be used even on the go to see how much of the allocated bandwidth has been used. Very easy to use and providing enough details to make things clear for any user, DataOne bandwidth usage finder can prove a great asset.

DataOne bandwidth usage finder (formerly DataOne tool) was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on March 25th, 2014
DataOne bandwidth usage finder (formerly DataOne tool) - This is the main window of DataOne bandwidth usage finder from where users can log into their account to check out the bandwidth usage.DataOne bandwidth usage finder (formerly DataOne tool)DataOne bandwidth usage finder (formerly DataOne tool)

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