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A simple to use application capable of detecting all the active IPs from a local network, that allows you to analyze the addresses

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Active IPs is a simple to use software designed to identify the active users that are currently connected to a specific Local Area Network. The software can reveal the IP and MAC addresses of the active stations, so you can easily monitor which user or visitor is connected to your network.

Minimalistic interface

Active IPs features a simple interface, that allows you, as a network administrator to operate it with ease. You may select the Internet adapter, the device that allows the users to go online, then, according to that parameter, identify the users connected to the local network. The software’s response is prompt and it allows you to monitor the connected users in real time.

The application can identify both the IP address and MAC address of a certain station, as well as display the subnet mask for each detected machine. The MAC, or the media access control is a data communication protocol. It enables several terminals or network nodes to easily communicate within a multiple access network. The subnet mask is a bitmap that provides the routing prefix to an IP address in the network.

Scanning and analyzing

Once the Internet adapter is established, the software can start searching and detect the active machines. The software can detect both the internal and external IP addresses for your own station and display only the internal IPs for the rest of the computers connected to the specific network.

The Internet protocol addresses assigned to your own computer are displayed in the box near the top of the window, while the other stations can be viewed in the table below. You can observe both the IP and MAC addresses for each computer in the network.

Simple to use monitoring tool

With Active IPs, you can check who is connected to the local network, by detecting their IP address. This makes Active IPs a suitable solution for network security and monitoring, since you can detect who is online and when. Unfortunately, the software cannot record the current time or save a record of the detected stations.

Active IPs was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on September 3rd, 2014
Active IPs - Active IPs is a simple to use application that enables you to detect and analyze  the IPs from all stations in your LAN that are online.

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