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A reliable utility which can be used to automatically update the IP address database in DynDNS server, then let you access your computer with ease

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DynDNS Updater is a practical and straightforward application that provides users with a simple means of changing the IP address database in DynDNS server and keeping your hostname up to date, pointing to the current system.

When you launch the program for the first time, a wizard will guide you throughout the process of setting up your connection and login information that will be used to update your hostname.

Since DynDNS Updater works on many types of connections, you can easily select the connection that applies to your computer. In case you are using xDSL with PPPoE, you can choose the Dial-up option, otherwise you can select the Local Area Network. Additionally, you are able to use a proxy server by specifying the port number, the username and the password.

After that, you need to let the application to detect your IP address, then group your hostnames that have the same login information and system into one category.

The Settings window, which can be accessed from the right-click menu, allows you to easily add a new group, or edit the existing one, configure the connection options the way you want, enable or disable the Log feature, customize the icons, as well as set up various actions that can be taken after DynDNS server finishes a process.

When using this application and you are behind LAN, DynDNS Updater uses external resources in order to detect your public IP address. By accessing the ‘IP Address’ tab, you are able to configure the options used to detect your address. You can either use default settings, which should be fine for most users, or configure them manually.

After you close the program, it will be automatically redirected to the System Tray, thus providing quick access to various functions that you might need to use. You are able to update your IP address, enable automatic updates or simply view the main window.

In closing, DynDNS Updater enables you to associate your current IP address into a hostname, then access your computer remotely.

DynDNS Updater was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on January 24th, 2014
DynDNS Updater - The Info window allows you to see the total groups number or the current IP addressDynDNS Updater - The Options window allows you to enable automatic update and so select the hotkey for popup menu.DynDNS Updater - The Settings window allows you to add or remove a ceratin group and to see the last update.

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