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Connecting to multiple networks with the same adapter can be a real annoyance, not only because you have to plug in the cable several times, but also because you have to change the settings if there's no Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server.

An application like Fast IP Changer will certainly come in handy for anyone in the aforementioned situation. Just like its name suggests, this tool aims to make your life a little bit easier by providing a simple interface to change your IPs on the go.

Probably the best thing is not only the fact that you can change the network settings from a nice and user friendly interface, but you can also set up four different configurations, so that you can choose the one you need with a single click.

Plus, the program can also run minimized in the System Tray so once you plug in the network cable and need a new IP configuration, all you have to do is right click its icon and choose the one you need.

We've tested the application with multiple setups and it's safe to say that it works without glitches and remains very light on computer resources, so running it even on older machines is not at all an issue.

Overall, Fast IP Changer is exactly the tool you'll need if you change your network IP address a lot and since it's so easy to use it can prove to be a keeper. Not to mention that you won't need to install it since it is portable and can be deployed from any device you carry it on.

Fast IP Changer was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 9th, 2012
Fast IP Changer - This is the main window of Fast IP Changer where you can create up to 4 different configurations

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