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A lightweight, yet reliable application that allows you to maintain a hostname fixed to a DNS server, even if the IP address is changing

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Dynamic Domain Name System (DynDNS) is a system created to allow an Internet domain name to be assigned to a varying IP address. This way, websites can establish connections to the machine without needing to track the IP address themselves.

INADYN is a sturdy piece of software that works with Command Line arguments and helps you establish such a system, allowing you to maintain a hostname fixed to a DNS server, even if the IP address is changing.

Dependable dynamic DNS client

The application allows you to establish a connection to a DynDNS, acting as a Command Line client. You can connect to your account using various arguments, then let the application check if the IP address of your machine matches the one stored on the server.

Furthermore, if the IP addresses are a mismatch, the program updates them, whilst maintaining your hostname fixed.

Handy tool for dynamic IP address rotation

INADYN can help you maintain a fixed hostname, even if your IP address is changing from time to time. You can set up how often the IP address is checked, as well as the number of DNS updates. By doing so, you are able to maintain a steady IP rotation and DNS hostname update, since you can synchronize them.

Aside from this, the application works in Command Prompt, meaning it has low system requirements and can run on almost any computer.

An overall good, yet improvable dynamic DNS checker

To sum it up, INADYN is ideal for those who need to set up connections to a dynamic DNS server and update their IP addresses associated with their hostnames, whilst keeping those fixed. Since Command Line arguments might seem confusing for those who are not accustomed with them, adding a basic interface to the application would make it more accessible for any type of user.

INADYN was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 15th, 2014
INADYN - INADYN is a Command Line tool that allows you to have your own fixed host name registered, even if your IP might change.

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