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A lightweight and reliable command line application that allows you to retrieve and display your external IP address on the spot

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Generally, finding out your IP address can be quite troublesome, as even the “ipconfig” command will not display external IP addresses. Thanks to certain software solutions, such as IPAD, you can find out your IP address on the spot.

Seamlessly easy to use, yet handy Command Prompt application

The program can help you easily discover your IP address, by just running it. IPAD will scan your system and network, in order to retrieve your external IP address. Although the program requires certain libraries in order to run, these are included in the application’s package.

Furthermore, as the application is built using the Curl programming language, it will help you retrieve your external IP address in the shortest time.

Straightforward and reliable IP address finder running in command line

IPAD is very easy to use, as it requires no installation. By keeping it clean and simple, the application becomes highly portable, as it can be ran on multiple devices.

Additionally, it comes as a healthy solution for users that are not accustomed or do not have knowledge about the command line code, such as the “ipconfig” command. Besides, the application can be integrated in other programs that require an IP address to process.

A lightweight, yet dependable external IP grabber

The application can help you discover your external IP address with just a couple of clicks. Although, the program displays only your external IP address, it could easily retrieve other network or IP-related details, such as the subnet mask or TCP/IP configuration.

To conclude, IPAD provides you with a fast way to find out your external IP address, without having to go through a lot of processes or commands, which could confuse users not accustomed to command line scripts or network settings.

IPAD was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 16th, 2014
IPAD - IPAD works as a command line tool and helps you seamlessly discover your IP address.

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