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Gives you the host names of an IP address range in the least possible time with the most primitive network technology put to work

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Ping Sweep Tool addresses users that constantly need to investigate the network activity when it comes to computers within the same IP class.

For starters, the ping commands is one of the basic set of administration utilities for network computers. What it does is test the link between the PC it is send from and the destination computer. In order to be able to send a proper ping command, one should provide the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the targeted host.

In a less fancy, professional way, the IP address of every computer is the component that operates the interconnectivity of two or more computers by addressing them as well as routing packets amongst them. Unlike the MAC address which is specific to every network interface card (more like its real name), the IP address is the nickname that helps computers link together.

Thus, if you ever need to find out how many computers are alive and kicking at a particular point in time, then you can manually ping them all from the command prompt console or you can use specialized software such as Ping Sweep Tool. This application requires that you enter both the starting and ending IP addresses as well as the interval between pings.

Whether you are annoyed by the fact that it does not automatically set these values by auditing the current IP address of the computer, it is only a matter of taste, really. Moreover, you can choose to ask the program to resolve hostnames, show only the online PCs or opt for auto-scrolling list. You can also pick to save the results once the sweeping process ends.

To sum it all up, Ping Sweep Tool is not the best looking software, that is for sure. Feature-wise, not the brightest; however, it does the job and that is what matters at the end of the day. And that is why Ping Sweep Tool can prove to be a great addition to your network tools arsenal.

Ping Sweep Tool was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 22nd, 2013
Ping Sweep Tool - Ping Sweep Tool is a handy and lightweight application that can detect active IP addresses.

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