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A simple and user-friendly application which aims to offer you the ability of scanning for IP addresses within a predefined range

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SDR Free IP Scanner is a lightweight and very easy to handle piece of software created to provide you with the means of identifying all of the devices in your network, simply by locating the responsive IP addresses.

Watch out during installation

During the setup process, you will also be offered to install a series of third party applications which the program does not require in any way in order to function properly.

You will need to way attention, as you are able to ‘Decline’ the offer, if you want to, after which the operation undergoes as normally expected.

Clean and practical looks

SDR Free IP Scanner features a rather basic appearance, with no particularly noteworthy aspects about it, yet its simplicity makes it quite approachable for inexperienced individuals, as you will not have to waste too much time in figuring it out.

The main window lets you configure the IP address range between which you wish to perform the lookup, but it can be ‘Random’, depending on your needs.

Quickly scan your network for devices and determine the active IP addresses

SDR Free IP Scanner will go through each IP address individually and display its hostname, if one is available, as well as its ping response time. The retrieved results can be exported in batch or individually to a file, in CSV, TXT, XML or LST format.

From the ‘Preferences’ section, the utility lets you adjust the delay between starting threads and their maximum number, the pinging probes to be sent and the timeout period in milliseconds. You can also opt to only display alive hosts in the main window.

A handy IP address scanning tool

To sum it up, SDR Free IP Scanner is a useful and effective application that you can resort to whenever you need to locate all of the IP addresses and hosts in your LAN, determining whether they are alive or dead.

SDR Free IP Scanner was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 24th, 2014
SDR Free IP Scanner - The main window of SDR Free IP Scanner allows you to input the IP range and start looking for network PCsSDR Free IP Scanner - From the File menu, you can export all of the detected IP addresses to a TXT, CSV, XML or LST format fileSDR Free IP Scanner - The Go To menu enables you to move to the next as well as the previous host that is alive or deadSDR Free IP ScannerSDR Free IP ScannerSDR Free IP ScannerSDR Free IP ScannerSDR Free IP ScannerSDR Free IP Scanner

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