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An application that helps you protect internet connection from netcut and switch sniffer and any other cutting or sniffing or spoofing attack programs.

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Most users are not aware of the risks they expose themselves to when connecting to the Internet through unprotected networks, like public ones.

ABM Net Protection has been created to provide a minimum of protection against some methods that could result in losing sensitive information.

Installation pre-requisites

The application installs quickly and it requires WinPcap in order to function; this is a standard tool for accessing the network at link layer under the Windows environment.

Unfortunately, this pre-requisite is not provided on all operating systems during the installation procedure of ABM Net Protection. On the other hand, you are informed of the necessity of WinPcap when trying to launch the application.

Minimalist interface with no settings to tinker with

The interface is simple and there are no settings to tinker with. Once started, ABM Net Protection should keep your system safe against attacks such as ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) poisoning, which consists in an attacker sending spoofed ARP messages to the local area network.

This results in taking over the MAC and IP address of the target so that all traffic is diverted to the attacker’s device.

Another security measure provided by ABM Net Protection is to stop packet sniffers, which intercept the traffic exchanged over the network and thus offer access to all the communication, unless it is encrypted.

The tool also claims to be able to stop spoofing attacks and the application window shows the gateway as well as the local IP and MAC address of the system.

Stop ARP poisoning and protect your system

ABM Net Protection basically connects to the router and collects the necessary information about the system and tries to keep it safe from attacks.

ABM net protection was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 10th, 2014
ABM net protection - The main application window shows the current state of the application and if it is protecting the system

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