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A useful application that was especially designed in order to provide a means of managing Access Points powered by D-Link devices

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The administration of network resources is a task for professionals and they, as anyone, need the best tools too get the job done properly. Since many hardware manufacturers offer software solutions that work with particular devices it is more easy to manage this equipment.

When it comes to D-Link Access Point units, for example, there is a special utility called AP Manager II that provides the necessary functions for the configuration and management of multiple devices. The interface is more practical than good looking and this is to be expected from a program that was created for network administrators.

The Access Points can be added easily and they will become available from the left tree-like menu where everything is neatly organized. For each unit the user can get several types of reports so it is possible to analyze the functioning parameters and decide if any adjustments are necessary.

With the help of AP Manager II admins will be able to check for faults and carry out other maintenance chores remotely. The reporting component includes logs for security and utilization, channel data and even rogue access points.

For every station that is on the list of monitored devices this application can display detailed information in the 'Access Point' tab. Thus, besides showing the MAC address and alias of the unit, AP Manager II has the local address on display, the band used for wireless communication, as well as the authentication type and received signal strength indicator (RSSI).

Thanks to the nice array of features that are part of this package, this software solution is clearly well suited for professionals and will be of great help insofar as the administration of multiple Access Points from D-link is concerned.

AP Manager II was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on January 24th, 2014
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