ASUS Bluetooth Suite

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A useful management software that allows you to easily connect your Bluetooth devices by using the USB-BT211 Mini Bluetooth Dongle

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ASUS Bluetooth Suite is a powerful tool that allows you to use an Asus Bluetooth dongle in order to connect to other devices. The package includes the driver and the utilities for easily accessing laptops or mobile phones.

The Bluetooth technology is a viable option for transferring files between two devices without using a cable connection. it is supported by laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices allowing you to transfer files with minimum effort.

If your PC does not offer support for BT connections, you need to use a Bluetooth adapter such as the USB-BT211 Mini in order to connect to a mobile device. This program suite allows you to easily install the dongle and use it to access nearby phones or computers.

All you need to do is install the package for your operating system and plug in the adapter. The installed drivers enable you to view the connection status in the system tray and pair your computer with your phone.

After installing the ASUS Bluetooth Suite you can use the file transfer wizard to send or receive a file between the paired devices. Another available option is to connect to a Personal Area Network that includes multiple computers or laptops.

The installation is simple and includes a detailed documentation that allows you to easily pair your PC and explore the list of paired tools. It allows you to manage the connection by providing you with step by step instructions.

If you want to use the the USB-BT211 Mini Bluetooth adapter, the ASUS Bluetooth Suite is designed to deploy all the drivers and utilities required to connect your PC with other mobile devices.

ASUS Bluetooth Suite was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on December 2nd, 2013

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