ASUS Wireless Console

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Switch on or off the wireless LAN and Bluetooth of your ASUS netbook

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ASUS Wireless Console is a lightweight and efficient application designed exclusively for ASUS notebooks that allows users to easily switch wireless or Bluetooth connections on and off.

This may be the answer to all notebook users out there who have to go through a lot of dialogs and panels in order to disable such services.

With ASUS Wireless Console, it’s easier to handle wireless and Bluetooth connections, since it’s all possible by the press of the function key (Fn).

Everything about ASUS Wireless Console is easy, starting with the installation process to the point where you actually start using it. And it all works out for the best, since it acts friendly on the system resources as well.

ASUS Wireless Console is brought inside a simple UI that provides quick access to the two services (or only one of them, depending on what the notebook is equipped with), allowing you to turn off the connections selectively.

The changes will quickly reflect in the appearance of the system tray icon that identifies the presence of the services. If both services are on, the icon will show both of their representations, while the presence of only one of them is marked accordingly.

You can also scroll through the selection of Bluetooth and wireless by holding down the Fn key and pressing F2.

All in all, ASUS Wireless Console is worth having for the easy manipulation of wireless and Bluetooth services. Switching them on and off is a child’s play compared to the scenario where you’d have to do this work manually without its assistance.

ASUS Wireless Console was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on November 6th, 2013

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