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A lightweight piece of software which is designed to prevent Address Resolution Protocol hacking and maintain the stability of your Internet connection

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ARP spoofing is a hacking technique that allows an attacker to transmit fake ARP messages across a local area network in order to replicate his MAC address with the IP of the target PC in order to route traffic. This in turn results in frequent traffic jams for the user while the attacker may have access to data transfers and consequently cause personal information loss.

To avoid those scenarios, Anti Netcut Lite was created to be a lightweight and straightforward tool that can prevent Address Resolution Protocol poisoning or spoofing.

Simple installation process

Anti Netcut Lite makes its way onto your computer after a short installation process through which you are guided by the the classic Wizard approach. This should take a couple of seconds even on a modest PC configuration and requires a quick restart to complete the task.

After your computer is back online, you can access the application from the ‘Program Files’ folder. The application takes up very little resources and once launched, it runs silently in the background until you call it from the system tray icon which it creates.

Basic start-stop tool

Anti Netcut Lite is a basic tool as far as interface and functions are concerned. When active, it displays a small window from which you can start or stop the application. Opening the context menu from the system tray, you are able to lookup TCM connections and access some online tools that can help you test your connection speed view IP address and more.

The bottom line

To wrap things up, Anti Netcut Lite is a neat little tool that you can use in your second line of defense next to your antivirus.

Anti Netcut Lite was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on June 30th, 2014
Anti Netcut Lite - Anti Netcut Lite sits in your system tray and from the main window you can easily stop or start the service.

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