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A free application developed to capture syslogs from netscreen devices






BazSyslog has been designed to capture traffic syslogs from netscreen devices.

It allows you to Log up to 2GB of Syslog data in a database and then generate reports based on those logs.

The reports allow you to analyse the amount, type, source and destination of traffic flowing through your device.

You can also use it to capture standard syslogs.

The app really comes in handy when your troubleshooting network/bandwidth issues or just want to know whats flowing through your firewall.

Last updated on August 4th, 2009
BazSyslog - Main Syslog Capture Config screen allows the user to start or stop a capture and indicates the recent logsBazSyslog - To get reports simply go to this tab, select a report from the list
and enter any filters that you want to apply for the reportBazSyslog - The options window allows the user to backup, delete or restore the records in the database, and also to schedule a backupBazSyslog - The alerts tab shows the user all the actions made while the app is runningBazSyslog - screenshot #5

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