Broadcom Wireless Utility

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A wireless LAN application that will replace the default Microsoft Windows XP Windows Zero Configuration service and add some tweaks here and there

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Broadcom Wireless Utility addresses a small group of Hewlett Packard laptop owners that are on the lookout for a more elaborate application software for their computer’s Broadcom WLAN interface card. With Broadcom Wireless Utility, you get to tweak and further manage the WiFi hardware of your HP notebook.

For starters, this particular piece of software was created as a replacement for the Windows XP Wireless Zero Configuration service alongside other enhanced features. Thus, it only works on Windows XP. Although you can also try and run it in compatibility mode with later Windows iterations, it is recommended that you only utilize it on XP.

The Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) represents a service that was bundled for the first time with Windows XP back in October 2001 and that allows you to tinker with your WLAN connections and their corresponding settings. On the other hand, Broadcom Wireless Utility may come as a more powerful alternative.

As a piece of advice, if you are 100% satisfied with the way your Wireless network connections are being managed by the WZC, then there is no reasonable motive for you to try Broadcom Wireless Utility. Many other users in this specific situation have reverted to WZC after working with Broadcom Wireless Utility and finding out that it only complicates the simple things.

Broadcom Wireless Utility packs a pretty sleek interface encasing five subsections for ‘Wireless Networks’, ‘Link Status’, ‘Site Monitor’, ‘Diagnostics’ or ‘Information’. You can Add network connections and customize them in the first one, check for signal and noise statistics in the second one, look for available networks in the third one, perform various test in order to determine if your wireless networking adapter is functioning properly or view software as well as hardware details regarding the WiFi NIC.

All in all, Broadcom Wireless Utility is not a must for every Hewlett Packard laptop owner, not for the ones that are already pleased with the available level of customization at least. What Broadcom Wireless Utility manages to bring to the workbench is an additional layer of adjustments for more advanced users that always require and demand more from both their hardware and software.

Broadcom Wireless Utility was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on December 21st, 2013

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