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A free and open source network mapping software.

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CartoReso has been created to help administrators map the clients in a network and provide an easy to interpret graphical representation.

The application requires WinPcap and Java to function properly and none of them is added automatically during the installation procedure.

Looks and options at a glance

The main screen of the program is empty at first launch and a network scan is required to become populated with information.

Users have the possibility to adjust the thoroughness of the operation by enabling the verification of the most common ports or just of particular one.

An aggressive scan is also on the list of choices and it checks all the ports. Additional options include selecting specific subnets to be verified. More limitations for the job refer to setting up a hop limit (maximum TTL – time to live – value) and the maximum amount of time allowed for the scan.

At the end of the operation CartoReso should be able to produce a map with the machines and routers in the network, and their connections to other clusters. Details like the IP of the host, DNS name and MAC address are also available in the information pane.

During our tests CartoReso did not work as intended, although glitches are to be expected because the project has not reached a final stage of development.


CartoReso is an interesting project that can produce a visual representation of the hosts available in the network. There are multiple graph types to pick from and it can help identify a specific machine.

Furthermore, it should be able to detect the operating system that machine runs. However, in our case it did not function properly as scans were rarely completed.

CartoReso was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on March 31st, 2014
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