Lepide Active Directory Query (formerly Chily Active Directory Query)

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A straightforward software solution that enables you to perform queries on an Active Directory domain, in order to display the available objects and their attributes

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Active Directory is a tool designed to store information regarding various type of organizational information, including users, groups and locations. However, this data can be rather difficult to access in normal conditions, especially if you only need to quickly extract a specific type of attribute from the entire database.

Query Active Directory objects

Lepide Active Directory Query, on the other hand, allow you to effortlessly perform queries on the data, in order to extract and save information related to specific attributes or objects. This achieved from within a lightweight and straightforward interface, where you can manually enter your user credentials and write the desired query.

Due to the fact that you have to type them in by hand, these queries should be relatively simple, since you can get confused in the syntax with more complicated ones. In addition, the text area dedicated to this task is comprised of a single row, which makes the matters even more difficult, since you cannot view the entire query at once if you decide to write slightly longer expressions.

Generate CSV documents from the query results

As expected, the obtained information is usually required in other applications, which means that you cannot simply transfer the data in its original format. Lepide Active Directory Query takes care of this as well, by allowing you to quickly export the generated query attributes as CSV documents, which can be easily handled in a variety of ways afterward.

The plain text format of the documents, as well as the way values are stored inside the file, allow you to open the said CSV items with the text editor of your choice, although they can be much easier to process and handle if they are imported into a spreadsheet editor, such as Microsoft Excel. In addition, the aforementioned values are basically the queried attributes, which can be manually selected using the application's advanced settings tool.

Active Directory data extraction made easy

Although a typical Active Directory server is not a particularly simple task, Lepide Active Directory Query manages to bring elegance and intuitiveness to the whole process, by providing you with the means to quickly extract and export the desired data to CSV documents.

Lepide Active Directory Query (formerly Chily Active Directory Query) was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 29th, 2014
Lepide Active Directory Query (formerly Chily Active Directory Query) - You can enter the domain name and login credentials into the main window of the application.Lepide Active Directory Query (formerly Chily Active Directory Query) - The attribute list can be customized by selecting or removing the ones you desire.