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A simple and easy to use application whose main function is to help companies or other businesses synchronize the time on all their computers

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ClockAxon is an efficient and lightweight piece of software designed to work as a synchronization tool for all the computers in a network which are running TimeAxon.

This utility is meant to work as a server which gathers its information from the GPS clock that uses the NMEA protocol, making it available to all the network PCs, as a SNTP server.

However, for this to occur, the network machines need to be running TimeAxon as a client application, which will then take the standard date and time from ClockAxon and set the computers accordingly.

Users have the option of adjusting several 'GPS Clock / Time Synchronization' preferences, for instance the 'Port', the 'Baud-Rate' or the 'Flow-Control'. Also, they can choose the maximum time difference in milliseconds and set ClockAxon to emit sound alerts when it encounters an error.

Moreover, ClockAxon can monitor all client PCs' activity, by adding all the IP addresses of the targeted machines into the program's memory and inputting the maximum inactivity time for the client. Additionally, the tool has the ability to send alert messages as SNTP traps in order to warn users when there is no communication with the GPS clock or when the GPS antenna is in a bad position.

The 'Server' section of ClockAxon allows users to view the current status of the SNTP server and press the dedicated button in order to 'Start' or 'Stop' it from running, if users should need to do that for various reasons.

ClockAxon is a reliable utility that can prove quite helpful for users or network administrators who wish to synchronize the time on all of the connected computers that run TimeAxon as a client application, so all the machines can have precisely the same calendar date and hour.

ClockAxon was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on May 7th, 2015
ClockAxon - The main window of ClockAxon allows users to start or stop the synchronization processClockAxon - The Parameters window enables users to select the GPS clock or time synchronization preferencesClockAxon - From the Clients tab, users can add the IP addresses of the computers they want to synchronizeClockAxonClockAxonClockAxon

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