HP Connection Manager

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A simple piece of kit to assist you with wireless connections as well as bluetooth and even GPS technologies present within your PC

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HP Connection Manager is the new and improved version with a totally modified interface and even title of the old HP Wireless Assistant application.

As it predecessor, HP Connection Manager has to overcome the problems that users have to face when using software shipped on the PC without prior user consent.

Bloatware is the generic term for software that just does not really help users of any category and that always comes pre-installed on brand-name desktop or laptop computers. HP Connection Manager is yet another example of this type of software.

What is the purpose of HP Connection Manager then? Can it really be useless to all sets of users? Well, in the big picture, HP Connection Manager is an alternative to the tool that is built within Windows and that manages connections.

The main difference between these two is graphical with a bit of better, faster management on HP Connection Manager’s end. Unfortunately, this cannot be enough for having an additional software running in the background at all times.

It is true, though, that HP Connection Manager also allows for independent switching on and off of wireless and bluetooth technologies on your HP computer, but once again, it is just too little to make of this particular application a must-have.

Overall, HP Connection Manager is just another face in the bloatware crowd and only if it really means something for you to have on your PC, then it surely makes you happy to have it and work with it. Other than that, HP Connection Manager is far from the HP brand and this brand, these days, is slowly going down in the rankings, year after year.

HP Connection Manager was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 15th, 2013

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