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A powerful and easy to use software solution dedicated to HP systems that allows you to better handle your wireless connection for an enhanced experience

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HP Wireless Assistant can provide you with a companion and an alternative to Windows’ built-in wireless connection manager or can really prove to be the source of all kinds of problems regarding Internet connections you might want to use.

A little less than what you'd expect

While the application was initially designed to encase a friendly environment capable of managing WLAN (wireless local area networks), WWAN (wireless wide area networks) as well as Bluetooth wireless devices, the fact that its compatibility with Windows operating systems lacks consistency can turn it into an actual enemy of comfort and operability.

Might do more damage than help

Many users mark HP Wireless Assistant as bloatware (totally unnecessary software bundled with most brand name personal computers) packed into almost every newly purchased HP laptop. Its presence can trigger all sorts of errors you may receive every single time you are trying to make use of your computer’s wireless capabilities.

Sports a simple interface

HP Wireless Assistant features a pretty basic interface showcasing the installed wireless devices (usually the wireless LAN adapter and the Bluetooth) with status indicators and independent (this requires that you tick the appropriate setting into the properties panel) buttons for turning them on and off.

The possibility to easily revert changes

In case HP Wireless Assistant really annoys you as it blocks connections from being established or any other palpable reasons, the process includes the removal through its uninstaller alongside a suite of commands you must follow in order to restore the functionality of Windows’ very own connection manager.

In conclusion

The bottomline is that HP Wireless Assistant is the perfect example of software you either love or hate. You can simply enjoy it or try to find a way to get rid of it as soon as you bump into it. The fact that its feature list is bordering the emptiness makes of HP Wireless Assistant just another futile app you won’t miss if you decide to eliminate it for various sound motives.

HP Wireless Assistant was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on August 4th, 2014

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