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You can use this efficient application as a communication method between various devices connected through a serial port, allowing you to send commands

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HP7 user-friendly software solution designed to provide computer users with an alternative to the now obsolete Hyper Terminal in Windows XP, offering them the means to communicate with various devices connected through a serial port to their computer.

Hyper Terminal was meant to help users connect to host computers, Internet telnet web sites, bulletin board services, and others, through their modem or a null modem cable. This addressed those devices which were not part of the users' Local Area Network or their Wide Area Network.

The program is not precisely for novices, as it requires at least some basic knowledge of networking and other related fields, in order to understand how to benefit from HP7 to the fullest.

This utility includes all the features and functions of Hyper Terminal, but also supplementary ones, such as 'Timer' which can help users repeat a certain command or run several commands in a sequence. This can be activated or deactivated, according to their individual needs.

Another distinguishing function is the ability to save commands and the response from a communicating device to a TXT format file. Similarly, it saves all configuration details to a CONFIG file to ensure that they are not lost between different runs or after a computer shutdown.

HP7 lets users edit the commands and modify the 'Repeat Interval' to a preferred number of milliseconds. They can also add 'Prefix Commands'. Moreover, the 'Port Settings' component allows them to choose the preferred serial port, the 'Baud Rate', the 'Data Bits', 'Parity', 'Stop Bits' and 'Flow Control' so they can fully meet their requirements.

To conclude, HP7 is a reliable application that enables users to send commands to the devices connected through serial ports and save the exchange to a file on their computer, for further work or analysis.

HP7 was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 16th, 2014
HP7 - HP7 is a simple tool meant to facilitate the communication between devices connected through a serial portHP7 - The Settings menu enables you to configure the File Path, the port preferences and edit your commandsHP7 - By accessing the PortSettings window you are able to change the flow control and the baud rateHP7 - The 'Edit Command' tab enables you to choose the command you are interested in and set the repeat intervalHP7 - You can navigate to the 'Prefix Command' tab if you want to insert a new command

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