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With this simple and reliable application, you can listen to the audio renderings from a remote computer, with minimal effort on you

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LAN Audio Monitor is an interesting and efficient piece of software that was developed to help you send audio renderings from your PC to a remote computer or vice versa, via your local area network.

Clear-cut and intuitive usage

The application is made up of two main components, the ‘SendingEnd’ and the ‘PlayingEnd’, the former requiring to be installed on the system which will transmit the sound, while the latter needs to be installed on the remote PC which will be listening in.

The two tool feature a rather basic and straightforward appearance, making them fairly simple to understand, even if your experience in the field is quite limited.

Effortlessly listen to sounds from a remote computer in your LAN

After having installed the two programs on their respective PC, you can adjust their functioning preferences from the corresponding ‘Settings’ section. The ‘PlayingEnd’ allows you to run it at startup and minimize it to the notification area automatically.

However, aside from also offering these options, the ‘SendingEnd’ enables you to choose the location you want to transmit sound from, specifically ‘From Microphone’ or ‘From Sound Card’. Optionally, you can protect the connection using a password.

To get started, you can input the IP address displayed in the lower panel of the ‘PlayingEnd’ into the appropriate field of the ‘SendingEnd’ window and press the ‘OK’ button. This will enable you to listen to the audio playing on the other computer. Since there is no termination procedure, you can just exit either of the two utilities whenever you wish to disconnect.

A useful tool for overhearing sounds on a remote PC

In summary, LAN Audio Monitor is an appealing and user-friendly application that can successfully assist you in listening to whatever sound is being played on a remote computer, providing realtime rendering.

LAN Audio Monitor was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 3rd, 2014
LAN Audio Monitor - The main window of LAN Audio Monitor allows you to view the IP address of the current PC playing audio filesLAN Audio Monitor - The Sending component of the application requires you to input the IP address of the computer whose audio you want to listenLAN Audio Monitor - The Setting window enables you to decide whether to run the application at Windows startupLAN Audio Monitor - screenshot #4

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