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A simple system tray tool (or NT service) that establishes and maintains TCP SSH tunnels.

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MyEnTunnel provides you with a system tray SSH tunnel daemon. It works as a Windows service, keeping the tunnels alive at all times through the Plink (PuTTY Link) application. What MyEnTunnel really does is monitoring Plink so that any time a connection drop occurs or the server restarts, the process is restarted in order for the TCP and SSH tunnels to perform flawlessly.

While this may seem like a system resource grinder, MyEnTunnel performs at its best without that much fuss and even provides a “Slow Polling” option to further limit its resource utilization. Interface-wise, the application keeps everything simple and well-organized. The main and only window is divided into four tab sections varying from Status and Settings to Tunnels and License.

The Status area informs you of all established connections, their creation date and time as well as ports and forwarding. In order to customize the program, you are required to fill in a few details regarding the server configuration. Beside its address and port plus your login information, you can access more options in relation to private keys, verbose logging, dynamic SOCKS or compression.

You can quickly and easily manage your SSH tunnels within their dedicated section by manually entering them. One thing you must consider is the required correct syntax of your entries. You can find that just below the text box. At the bottom of the main interface window you find the controls of the application that help you connect to the server or send the program to the system tray.

MyEnTunnel has a very simple color code for its system tray icon. Green, obviously, informs you that the SSH connection is established and stable, while the icon turns yellow on reconnection and, finally, red which indicates that an error stops the connection from being achieved.

All in all, MyEnTunnel does a very good job at keeping TCP and SSH connections alive and this is its only purpose. Simple yet witty, this particular piece of software can be a trustworthy companion while working through a secure, encrypted tunnel. If that is the case of your daily as well as nightly activities, then you are just a few clicks away from a very handy application.

MyEnTunnel was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on March 21st, 2013
MyEnTunnel - From the Settings tab window of MyEnTunnel you will be able to set the SSH Server detailsMyEnTunnel - From the Tunnels tab window of MyEnTunnel you will be able to add the tunnel addresses to be used

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