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Allows you to mount a NFS export as a local Windows drive in order for you to quickly and easily view and interact with mounted filesystems

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NFS Client provides you with a very handy application software that helps you quickly and easily mount a new Windows drive for loading up an NFS export within.

First things first, NFS, also known as the Network File System, represents the Sun Microsystems’ distributed file system developed way back in 1984. The things with this particular technology is that you could rapidly access the contents of a network computer more or less like the way you access your very own local storage.

By 1986, the NFS implementation for the MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) has already been demonstrated, thus making its way to the more modern Windows OS. NFS presents many versions during its development period, with intense work on all the available platforms to date.

The NFS protocol has climbed its way up the efficiency ladder with each new iteration, making sure it boasts new, helpful features, while also maintaining the ones that deliver stability and high performance levels. The way NFS works is by deploying its specific daemon to the server and specify which files and folders are visible to clients.

Other security measures are taken care of for limiting the access to data only to authorized users that request pass to the exported data. This is the mount command which NFS Client performs in order to connect to it, making it visible for the user.

All in all, NFS Client is quite a good software package to consider whenever you need to connect to a NFS export file on your network. All you have to do is set up the target connection, the NFS version of your choice and hit the ‘Connect’ button. Mounting takes only a couple of seconds and you can now manipulate the files and folders shared by the server.

NFS Client was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 30th, 2013
NFS Client - This is the main user interface of NFS Client where you can set the target connection's details and attempt a connection.

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