NetAdapter Repair All In One

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Troubleshoot your network connection and identify problems with your network adapters with the help of this intuitive application

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NetAdapter Repair All In One can help you figure out what is wrong with your Internet connection, while providing administrators with a valuable set of tools for troubleshooting network adapters.

View network configuration within an organized GUI

Due to the type of operations you can perform with its help, the application is mostly intended for experienced users. Actually, some functions might not work properly if you don't have administrative privileges over the local computer and even so, it is advisable that you handle it with care.

At initialization, NetAdapter Repair All In One automatically retrieves detailed information concerning the current network settings, displaying the public IP address, the computer host name, the list of detected network adapters, the local IP and the MAC address of your PC, as well as the default gateway, the DNS server and the subnet mask.

Advanced connection troubleshooting options are one-click away

But its functionality is far by being limited to viewing the network configuration. Its goal is to identify and fix connection problems and for that it can perform an advanced repairing operation to clear the proxy or the VPN Windows settings, repair the Windows firewall or the TCP/IP connection. Following this procedure, a computer restart is mandatory for the changes to take effect.

In addition to this, there are various other functions that NetAdapter Repair All In One can perform. You can use it to delete all the records in the host file (and therefore, unblock the access to some websites), reset the Internet security and privacy options, clear static IP settings, change the SSL state, renew the DHCP IP addresses or release the NetBIOS.

DNS manipulation options are also available and you can clear your computer's DNS cache, delete the ARP cache and set all DNS servers to Google DNS.

A network management tool for experienced users

NetAdapter Repair All In One gathers a generous collection of tools into a single package, delivering a reliable and easy to work with adapter troubleshooting application.

Despite its ease of use, it is not suitable for beginner users who are not familiar with the network configuration and connection settings, since some of its functions might lead to Internet connection failures.

NetAdapter Repair All In One was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on July 23rd, 2014
NetAdapter Repair All In One - You can use NetAdapter Repair All In One to clear the hosts file, flush the DNS cache or renew the DHCP address.NetAdapter Repair All In One - NetAdapter Repair All In One can perform advanced operations for repairing the Winsock/TCP IP connection and clear the proxy settings.

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