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A lightweight and simple to use application that enables you to create a wireless network and allow access only to trusted users

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NetPaylas is a reliable and easy to use application designed to help you create a small wireless network and enable your friends to access the Internet. You need to connect the proper device or a computer to an Internet adapter, then transform your machine into an Internet provider.

Create protected networks

NetPaylas is a suitable solution for creating a local network, using a proper device or machine and establishing the connection to Internet adapters. You may create a temporary network, that can serve a short-term purpose, or even set a permanent Internet connection.

Additionally you may protect your network with a password, that you can share only with trusted users and change regularly. Any new password can be changed in a history log area. Also, you may enter a custom password, or let the software generate a random alpha-numeric sequence. Each pass-phrase requires a minimum number of characters, and, optionally, different type of symbols.

Required Internet adapters

You may convert your machine to a wireless router, by establishing a connection to an Internet adapter. Once such a connection is stable your machine can transmit the signal through wireless means, to other devices or machines.

Simply choose a name for your network, a password, for protection, and click Start to enable sharing the Internet connection. A display box, in the right upper corner of NetPaylas’s window notifies you which devices are connected to your network. Thus you can monitor the Internet traffic and all the participants.

Moreover, you can modify the IP settings, depending on the Internet adapter sources. While the software recommends that you do not change the IP numbers, you may modify them, when required.


You can easily create a wireless network that your friends can connect to, with NetPaylas. The software is lightweight and easy to use, since it allows you to turn your computer to a wireless router. Setting up a local network is made easy, because you can connect your computer to an Internet adapter, then start your own wireless network and allow your friends to access the Web.

NetPaylas was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 30th, 2014
NetPaylas - NetPaylas is a simple application that enables you to create a small wireless network that you can share with your friends.NetPaylas - You need to simply select an Internet adapter that you need to connect to, then create a password protected network.NetPaylas - You need to establish the connection to the adapters, before you can start allowing Internet access to other users.

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