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View and manage computers connected to your local area network with the help of this practical software application equipped with various tools

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Network administrators must have detailed info on connections to be able to properly handle them. NetView is a powerful TCP/IP local network manager that provides information about the network computers through a very user friendly interface.

Automatically scans and retrieves thorough info

The application automatically scans the network and displays the available machines alongside important information such as hostname, IP address, server comment, connection, custom comment, last open and last change.

Because everything has to be easy to use, NetView provides multiple viewing modes, including list, details, visual plan and visual map.

Schedule network related tasks

Right clicking one of the found systems opens a new menu that allows you to send a message, add host, recheck or retrace, access resources or view properties, with this last option providing not only the IP address, but also the MAC, opened ports and LanMan information.

NetView is a very handy tool if you wish to monitor various services or hosts because the application lets you schedule a certain task, including pinging or rescanning a port, at a defined interval.

Equipped with various helpful tools

The “Tools” menu lends users a hand by offering numerous utilities, as it follows: NetSearcher, Terminal, NetProxy, NetWatcher, network scanner, IP logger, resources scanner, NetMessenger, TraceRoute and scripts editor. With pretty self-explanatory names, all these tools are supposed to be used to retrieve more information about either the whole network or specific computers.

Accessible to users of all levels of experience

Another good thing about NetView is the fact that it offers a comprehensive help manual, so it's pretty easy to find information on a specific feature just by clicking on “Help”.

NetView works flawlessly on all Windows versions and needs just a moderate amount of computer resources to perform all tasks.

In conclusion

All in all, NetView is a very useful piece of software and not only that it comes with a freeware license, but it also adopts a very user friendly approach. Anyone can quickly get acquainted with its features, and available tools make it an almost complete set of networking utilities.

NetView was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 4th, 2014
NetView - NetView detects all your network users instanly, and provides with the choice to save them to a list.NetView - The program enables to user manage his lists by using hotkeys.NetView - You can choose to add your network users to a workgroup, or to an IP segment.NetView - NetView enables you to configure some general preferences.NetView - The software provides the user with presets, so it can help him manage his hostlist easier.NetView - You can automatically initiate a global recheck of the network.NetView - NetView allows access to a number of different scripts.NetView - The software enables the use of some powerful tools, like netsearcher, netwatcher or IP logger.

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