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With the aid of this simple tool, you will be able to send and receive files over a local network connection to the specified IP addresses

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PC Link is a handy and reliable program intended for file sharing inside a Local Area Network (LAN). In addition, it also embeds a small chat where you can communicate with your friends.

How it works

In order to successfully send and receive files, the users that are exchanging data must have PC Link installed on their computers. The whole sharing process is based on a list of IP addresses, which are memorized by the program automatically so that you don’t get asked to specify them every time.

Simple yet intuitive interface

PC Link adopts a user-oriented approach through a friendly interface that is easy to work with. It is divided into several sections corresponding to the address book, the files to be sent, details related to the completion of the sharing process, as well as the chat section, where text messages can be written and sent in live mode.

Easy exchange of data

In order to share a file with another user, it is mandatory for your recipient to be online, otherwise the process will halt. After you’ve created the list of IP addresses you intend to exchange data with, select the one of interest and the files to be sent and press the button that will initiate the transfer.

Statistics on the rate of success

PC Link provides a set of indicators that will reveal whether the transfers have been successful. These statistics will also contain details such as file size, bytes sent, the progress ratio and the speed.

Final thoughts

PC Link comes across as a simple, yet efficient application that can arrange for data sharing in a complication-free manner. It could use improvements in the chat section, so as to provide emoticons or the possibility to customize the text layout.

PC Link was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 28th, 2014
PC Link - The main widow of PC Link software where you will be able to select the files that you want to send and enter the IP address that you want to send the file to.

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