Multi Port Forwarder (formerly PC Port Forwarding)

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Perform TCP/UDP port forwarding and reflection without the need of special skills of additional hardware with this simple application

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PC Port Forwarding is an application especially designed to facilitate the process of forwarding a port on your computer. With it you are able to forward TCP and UDP ports without having to go through any complicated system settings.

User-friendly interface for quick changes

PC Port Forwarding displays a comprehensive interface as far as that applies for applications of this kind. It consists of a simple window from where you can add new rules and configure them according to your needs.

A new entry is added with a simple click of a button and can be edited just as easily. Each rule you add is disabled as default so there is no chance of it interfering with any application before you get to properly configure it.

PC Port Forwarding displays the rules in an easy to follow table with information such as status, ID, traffic direction and protocol type, destination port range, port translation target and reflection. Each of these properties can be changed with a double-click anywhere in the row that corresponds to the target rule.

Export rules in a simple manner

Created rules can be edited anytime you want without any particular effort except for when it comes to manually assigning the forwarding parameters. Even so all that you have to do is select one of two options from drop-down menus and insert the port values.

A decent amount of time can be spent creating the forwarding rules but that can be a singular event. PC Port Forwarding allows you to export all the rules into a single file which means that you can carry them with you anywhere you go in case you change workstations and you need to apply the same modifications.

A practical port forwarding solution

To wrap it up, PC Port Forwarding is a no-nonsense tool that seems to be well tailored for users of all kids. So, if you’re looking for a reliable port forwarding solution for your PC, then you can definitely try this one.

Multi Port Forwarder (formerly PC Port Forwarding) was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on August 11th, 2015
Multi Port Forwarder (formerly PC Port Forwarding) - The application displays all of the available rules directly on its main window, allowing users to manage them fastMulti Port Forwarder (formerly PC Port Forwarding) - The File menu allows users to create new files, save edited ones, and open any of the recently accessed filesMulti Port Forwarder (formerly PC Port Forwarding) - The Tools menu allows users to create new rules, edit or delete existing ones, and run or stop rulesMulti Port Forwarder (formerly PC Port Forwarding)Multi Port Forwarder (formerly PC Port Forwarding)