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You can work with this lightweight and simple application to determine whether certain hosts are online by performing ping tests

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Pinger is a basic yet very efficient piece of software whose main purpose is to verify the availability of a particular host by performing single ping tests.

The utility is fairly simple and easy to handle, requiring a minimum level of knowledge in the field. It supports hosts in several formats, namely IP address, '' and 'computerworkname', so you can work with whichever you need without a problem.

In order to obtain a host's status, you can just enter the address you wish to ping, optionally setting the 'Timeout' value in milliseconds. Also, you can tick the checkbox if you want the ping test to be logged. Finally, you can press on the 'Ping' button and within moments, the application will retrieve the results, displaying them in its main window.

Pinger enables you to learn the 'Status' of the input host by showing a message stating 'The host is online' or 'The host is offline', depending on the situation. Additionally, it features the 'Roundtrip' value in milliseconds. The tool does not perform continuous tests, it only works once for every click on the 'Ping' button.

The activity log can be retrieved in the download folder of the program, in a 'Log.txt' document, which will contain the same information as provided to you in its main screen, along with the date and time of the ping test.

Moreover, Pinger is a portable utility, meaning you can place and launch it from on any USB flash drive, being able to use it on any compatible computer with ease. It does not require an installation process, which means it will not create registry entries on your PC and you can remove it from your system just by deleting the containing directory.

To conclude, Pinger is a useful application that allows you to determine if a certain host or address is online, displaying its status in the main window.

Pinger was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 8th, 2015
Pinger - The main window of Pinger allows users to enter the host name, then ping it

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