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A powerful application that helps you easily switch between different network settings by allowing you to create multiple network profiles

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Whenever you switch your network in order to connect to the Internet, whether it is broadband or wireless, you also need to change the settings of your network adapter. Although most adapters are set to automatically detect network settings, some LAN cables or routers can cause problems and are not able to connect.

To avoid the hassle of manually connecting to a network, you can use an automatic switch application that saves the profile of each LAN or wireless connection.

Plug and Browse is a software solution that can help you easily switch between network profiles, so you do not have to waste time manually configuring your adapter to be compatible with each connection.

Powerful profile creator

The program allows you to save each network connection that you use under a profile, along with its settings. You can choose a general name and an icon for that profile, such as “Home” or “Office” for instance, thus helping you to faster recognize each network.

Furthermore, you can set the application to automatically switch to a network profile when it detects it, a useful feature for notebooks and laptops, which can easily switch to another wireless connection whenever they come into range.

Detailed and extensive settings

Plug and Browse can save most settings it detects to a network profile. You have the possibility to choose which network options it can save, ranging from browser settings to mapped drives.

Additionally, you can protect your current settings by creating a password that will be prompted each time you run the application.

Adaptive network switcher

Plug and Browse offers you the chance to skip the trouble of manually connecting to a network, by automatically switching it for you, as long as you previously saved its profile settings.

Plug and Browse was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on March 22nd, 2014
Plug and Browse - The application allows you to create network settings and switch them whenever you need.Plug and Browse - You can easily activate, disconnect, rename or update a network profile, or edit its settings manually.Plug and Browse - By accessing the Capture tab, you can select which system settings will be used for each network profile.Plug and BrowsePlug and BrowsePlug and BrowsePlug and BrowsePlug and BrowsePlug and BrowsePlug and BrowsePlug and Browse

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