RAS Redial 1.02

Redial Busy Dial Up Network Connections

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What's new in RAS Redial 1.02:

  • Cosmetic Changes - 3D Checkboxes etc.
  • New Option to Remember Password and Account Settings
  • Checks for Presence of RAS on Program Start
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Steve Farmer
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RAS Redial - Retrys Dial Up Networking (DUN) connections and is particulary useful when using high usage DUN Connections.

The RAS Redialler application was developed to be a small tool that will retry Dial Up Networking (DUN) connections and is particulary useful when using high usage DUN Connections.

As more and More ISP's use Freephone or Toll Free Numbers it is a chore to have to manually redial the ISP over and over waiting for the "Line Busy" response and then redialling, hoping that you will get a connection.

The available DUN Connections will be shown, select the one you wish to connect to, type in your user and password optionally check the Save Passwords and click "Dial Selected Account" - if you select Save Passwords, these are saved when you first dial the selected connection.

(The Account / Password details are held in the fsRedial.ini file)

The program will now dial the connection.

If it receives a Busy or No Answer it will hang up and redial again, incrementing the counter so you can see how many tries it has made.

If an error is returned for Incorrect Password, Username etc, then the program will stop dialling and display a message so you can correct the Username or Password as required.

On Connection you can select a Wave File to be Played, you can also get the program to emit a beep every time it cycles.

You can elect to have the program minimize to the System Tray on connect, right clicking on the System Tray Icon will allow the program to be Restored or you can disconnect a connection or exit completely.

The Password can be masked if required.

The options you select, together with the selected wave file for connection indication is saved when you exit the program.

Last updated on August 23rd, 2010

Runs on: Windows All


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