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Manage and send fax messages with a Samsung multifunctional peripheral using this easy to configure application that installs a virtual printer

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Samsung Network PC Fax is a tool designed to assist you in sending fax messages and managing all fax requests. Created by Samsung itself, this application can be of great use to those who own Samsung multifunctional printers that come equipped with a fax machine.

The package installs a virtual printer on your computer, which allows you to send faxes much easier. Actually, the procedure is similar to that of simply printing a document, so it can be successfully carried out by all users, regardless of their experience level.

Your only task is to configure the printer preferences by entering the names and fax numbers of one or more recipients that will be receiving the original document. All the contact information can be safely stored in the address book and used at a later time, while previsouly sent fax messsages are found in the 'History' section.

Additional options include adjusting the fax quality and type and adding a custom cover page to the message, with embedded logo images and customizable content. Furthermore, the application can be instructed to notify you upon delivery with the help of a popup tray balloon.

All the instructions are then sent to the connected Samsung peripheral device, which dials the numbers and forwards the messages to the target fax machines.

This approach allows you to treat a Samsung fax machine as a standard printer, without requiring further configuration. In addition to this, the installed printer driver makes it possible for you to share the multifunctional printer across the network, granting access to other computers to use it for sending fax messages.

Samsung Network PC Fax allows both the local user and other computers in the same network to use a Samsung multifunctional printer for quickly sending fax messages. By turning the fax machine into a regular printer with configurable options, this package allows you to get the most out of your new peripheral.

Samsung Network PC Fax was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on January 28th, 2014
Samsung Network PC Fax - Samsung Network PC Fax installs a new virtual printer, allowing you to easily send fax messages to others.Samsung Network PC Fax - You can enter the recipient names and their fax numbers from the 'Preferences' window.

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