Speed Limiter

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A lightweight application application that can help you simulate slow Internet connections and test the speed at which you send or receive packets

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In order to check your Internet connection speed, you could use an application that provides you with the number of data packets sent and received when connecting to a website.

One such software solution is Speed Limiter, as it allows you to simulate an Internet connection or test yours. The program requires a web browser and Internet connection to function without errors.

Handy and easy to use Internet connection simulator with simplistic GUI layout

Speed Limiter can help you simulate an Internet connection, in order to find out the response and load time of certain websites. You can experiment with most types of Internet connections ranging from 75bps serials to 56k modems and 1Gb/s LANs.

Furthermore, you can test your own Internet connection, calculating the size of the data packets sent and received each second. This helps you determine your real Internet speed with ease.

Intuitive and robust connection speed simulator that provides advanced settings

The application can simulate Internet connections, by connecting to an user-defined website, then calculating the time it takes to load the whole page. This is very useful feature, as it can be used by web designers to test how fast will their website load on different Internet connection speeds.

For instance, a website that contains a lot of images and multimedia content would take a lot of time to fully load on a serial or modem Internet connection. With this knowledge, you can optimize your website, so that it can load faster for slower Internet connections.

A lightweight, yet seamlessly powerful Internet speed testing tool

With the help of Speed Limiter, you can easily determine your Internet connection speed or simulate a slower one, in order to find out the load time of a certain website, along with the size of sent and received data packages.

Speed Limiter was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 27th, 2014
Speed Limiter - Speed Limiter can help you seamlessly find out the real speed of your Internet connection.Speed Limiter - You can see the speed at which you send and receive data packets when accessing a certain website.

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