TL-WR841ND Easy Setup Assistant

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A useful, simple and effective application that comes in handy for users who need to connect and configure their router effortlessly

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TL-WR841ND Easy Setup Assistant is a practical and reliable utility that helps you to configure the router with the proper settings and allow multiple computers to connect to your network.

Using a router you are able to forward data packets between computer networks with ease. This way, you can pass data such as e-mails, webpages and videos between the home computers and the Internet.

The application comes with an intuitive and self-explanatory wizard that guides you through all the steps. Each one requires you to perform several actions in order to connect your computer with the router.

First step requires you to connect the router to your computer using a standard Ethernet cable. This way, you need to connect one end of the cable to the router’s LAN port and the other end to your computer.

After that, you need to connect the router to Internet via another Ethernet cable so you can ensure that an online connection is available between the computer and the router.

However, if the network adapter is not available, you need to navigate to the ‘Network and Sharing Center’ snap-in and access the ‘Change adapter’ option.

Then, you can easily specify a personalized name to your wireless network, choose the protection mode, set a password and you are done. The newly created WiFi will become available in the Network section.

To sum things up, TL-WR841ND Easy Setup Assistant provides you with a simple means of installing and configuring your router, allowing multiple computers to connect to your network via a password.

TL-WR841ND Easy Setup Assistant was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on December 13th, 2013
TL-WR841ND Easy Setup AssistantTL-WR841ND Easy Setup AssistantTL-WR841ND Easy Setup Assistant