Toshiba ConfigFree Utility7.1.30

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This package consists of a set of useful utilities that serve to configure Toshiba computers to use both wired and wireless network devices

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Toshiba ConfigFree Utility is a handy and reliable program that aims to help users to manage network connections and to troubleshoot common connectivity issues from the same application.

It is produced by Toshiba and targets exclusively users who own Toshiba systems. Installing it on a computer with different hardware is impossible, since the program automatically detects such details and halts deployment if necessary.

With Toshiba ConfigFree Utility, handling communication devices connected to the system is easy, allowing for the creation of custom profiles that users can switch between seamlessly.

The Connectivity Doctor is one of the most important components encased in the package, enabling users to create connections to wireless devices and to diagnose connectivity issues.

If you’re encountering problems managing a wireless connection, you can make use of the Wireless Radar, which makes it easy to handle wireless networks and doesn’t require advanced knowledge.

Moreover, the manipulation of a wireless device is simplified a great deal by the Diversity Antenna feature that relies on an automated engine to select the best antenna settings in order to arrange for a speedy connection.

There’s also the possibility to add a special gadget to the desktop that displays all the available connections in a very elegant manner, with various additional options in the center of the circle-shaped utility.

To sum it all up, Toshiba ConfigFree Utility is a highly effective application that provides Toshiba users with an essential feature set for managing local and wireless networks. It’s got the kind of looks and functionality that appeal to a wide array of audiences and is minimally invasive on computer resources.

Toshiba ConfigFree Utility was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on December 13th, 2013

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