Toshiba Wireless Manager

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A useful application that was especially designed to serve as a means of managing wireless connections for all Toshiba notebooks with such capabilities

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Connecting to the Internet wirelessly is one of the features that sets apart all notebooks from their desktop counterparts. Accessing such networks can be done either through a WiFi or 3G modem that is usually built-in the laptop.

To establish and manage such connections, it is advisable to use a specialized software and owners of Toshiba units are lucky enough to have one developed by the hardware manufacturer. Called Toshiba Wireless Manager, this tool will be the gateway to the Internet for your branded portable computer.

Through a simple and really easy to use interface, this particular software solution makes it possible to configure the wireless card, connect to the Web and monitor the status of the connection.

A neat feature of Toshiba Wireless Manager is its ability to allow the creation of several profiles that may correspond to several cards one may use onto a laptop. Each profile can be customized manually if necessary from the dedicated area of the application.

Basically, establishing a connection with the Access Point (AP) should take only a couple of moments. All you have to do is provide the login credentials (username and, optionally, a password) then save and use the profile.

A more detailed configuration can be done as well from Toshiba Wireless Manager. It implies adjusting by hand the DNS and IP address settings, alongside the authentication protocols utilized by the selected connection. Insofar as these protocols are concerned, their type can be PAP, CHAP or MS-CHAPv2.

Very easy to use, but highly specialized since it only targets Toshiba laptops, this software solution is clearly addressed to a limited number of users. Nonetheless, those who do have such a notebook will surely be glad to receive such a friendly utility that can take care of wireless connections in a simple manner.

Toshiba Wireless Manager was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on October 30th, 2013
Toshiba Wireless ManagerToshiba Wireless Manager

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