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A powerful VPN solution which was designed to help you easily create secure connections for accessing network resources remotely

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Making available network resources or sharing data without sufficient security measures may allow unauthorized access to important information or result in unexpected damage to the whole infrastructure. For this reason, it is very of the essence to make sure all data traffic is encrypted and only end-to-end shielded connections are established with peers outside the organization.

A quite simple way of achieving this goal is if you are using a VPN solution that will control and cypher all communications, without allowing anyone to peek into the data that is being exchanged through such connections.

In order to handle the requirements of a network-scale deployment, you will need to turn your attention to a tool like VPN-X Server. Besides being cross-platform, thus compatible with many operating systems that may be installed onto the various systems connected to the same network, this software is also quite easy to configure.

Even though setting it up may seem like a complicated task, the truth is an average user with minimal knowledge and insight concerning the essentials of networking should be able to get it up and running in a matter of minutes.

The clear interface allows you to view the details for each connected peer, including their public and VPN virtual IPs and connection protocol they utilize. Adding, editing and deleting users is also quite facile and in case you want to review all the actions since the server was initialized, the log window will make that possible.

A neat feature of VPN-X Server is the built-in chat room, where all the connected peers will be able to get in touch and communicate freely, without worrying that someone outside the secured network can read their messages.

To sum things up, this solution can be really easy to work with and should provide the necessary protection required in a larger environment. Nonetheless, it could use some more advanced and detailed monitoring and control functions.

VPN-X Server was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on December 22nd, 2013
VPN-X Server - The main window of VPN-X Server allows you to easily access all the functions of the application.VPN-X Server - From the user management screen of VPN-X Server you can add, delete or modify user information.VPN-X Server - The chat room of VPN-X Server will enable you to communicate with other users from the network.VPN-X Server - screenshot #4VPN-X Server - screenshot #5VPN-X Server - screenshot #6

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