WiFi Ad-hoc Manager 1.1

A simple to use tool which allows you to effortlessly create and manage a connection between your computer and a variety of mobile devices

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3 WiFi Ad-hoc Manager Screenshots:
WiFi Ad-hoc Manager - Using WiFi Ad-hoc Manager you are able to create an Ad-hoc connection between various devices.WiFi Ad-hoc Manager - From the Connection Setup tab you can set the SSID, network password, choose the connection type and rename it.WiFi Ad-hoc Manager - You are also able to manually configure the connection by providing an IP address, subnet mask and default gateway.
WiFi Ad-hoc Manager is a software solution that is especially designed to help you and others create a connection between a computer and various mobile devices.

With it you are able to establish a link between your PC and phone or tablet and transfer files or share Internet. It’s a practical and straightforward tool that can be easily configured to through its user-friendly interface.

Before you install it, you do need to check if your network card or adapter is capable of hosting an ad-hoc connection. If not, then WiFi Ad-hoc Manager won’t be able to help you out.

As far as interface goes, WiFi Ad-hoc Manager won’t give you any kind of headaches. When you run it, you get a window with a tabbed structure from where you can enable or disable the connection, as well as configure it.

The configuration process itself only requires you to enter the SSID or network name, a password and that’s just about it. You then start WiFi Ad-hoc Manage and enable your new custom connection from Windows Network Setup which shouldn’t take you more than two minutes as it is a very simple task.

WiFi Ad-hoc Manager also allows you to create the network that will be used to share files between the devices. Similar to the connection, you manually enter the IP address and Subnet mask or have the application automatically get them for you and all that’s left is to
share the Windows folders.

To make its use more practical, the application can be set to run automatically after you login to your Windows account and have it minimized to the system tray so it won’t bother you in any way.

In closing, WiFi Ad-hoc Manager is by all means a handy tool to have around when you just want to connect your PC and tablet and share files or browse the Internet without too much hassle.

WiFi Ad-hoc Manager was reviewed by , last updated on February 6th, 2014

Runs on: Windows 7 / 8


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