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A WLAN utility that harmoniously combines the features of a Network Discovery and Site Survey tool with the ones of a Connection Manager

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WiFi Hopper provides users with an application software that coalesces the features of both worlds including the network discovery and site survey area as well as the connection management zone. Thus, it packs an exhaustive set of filters, network details, GPS (Global Positioning System) support and RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) graphs.

With WiFi Hopper, you can quickly, easily and last but not least directly connect to all kinds of networks including WEP or WPA/WPA2-PSK secured ones and even unsecured ones. Moreover, the editable network profiles as well as the dedicated Connection Manager execution mode also turn WiFi Hopper into a significantly more transparent supersession for Windows and manufacturer-provided wireless clients.

Furthermore, WiFi Hopper has an affluent features-set to avail those looking to perform a Site Survey or utilizing WiFi Hopper for Network Revelation. Amongst the main features, we can find the filter, file and graphing operations and the use of GPS devices. This particular piece of software can also work as an alternative for the Windows built-in or manufacturer provided wireless client.

WiFi Hopper can provide detailed contrivance information for the culled networking contrivance about wireless, non-wireless contrivance information, IP information and sundry driver counters. The program also fortifies a special operational mode called 'Network Hopping' in which the application will endeavor to automatically connect to any available unsecured networks and optionally, pre-configured networks within range.

Overall, WiFi Hopper can prove to be the exact application software that you are looking for, although that by trying the provide the perfect blend between the features of the network discovery and site survey tool as well as the ones of the connection manager, it only manages to confuse you rather than really helping you out with bringing a bigger set of tools to the workbench than it can efficiently handle.

WiFi Hopper was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on December 21st, 2013
WiFi Hopper - This is the main window of WiFi Hopper where you can view all the available wireless networks.WiFi Hopper - The Options window is the place where you can sort the refresh interval and the maximum RSSI values per BSSID.WiFi Hopper - The Network Display tab is the place where you can choose the colors that will be used.WiFi Hopper - Accessing the Connectivity tab will allow you to configure the EAPOL Negotiation Timeout and the DHCP Address acquisition timeout.WiFi Hopper - The GPS tab will offer you the possibility to select the data format and the COM port.WiFi Hopper - You can access the System tab when you want to enable WiFi Hopper to launch on Windows startup.

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