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Fast and easy-to-use IP scanner that lets you create your own favorite list for easier network management and allows you to connect to other PCs using Radmin

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Getting information about the computers on a Local Area Network (LAN) in a few seconds and managing the remote workstations is usually a job for specialists. Nonetheless, with a program like Advanced IP Scanner details like IP and MAC address are no longer a secret, even for the novice user.

Similar in some ways to a point-and-shoot camera, this software can find PCs and show you their available resources with a simple push of a button. A nice bonus is the price tag attached to this tool that reads zero dollars, so without having to pay any money you'll get a quick and powerful network scanning utility.

The application installs fairly fast so you'll be able to get acquainted with the user-friendly interface in a couple of moments. As soon as you press the 'Scan' button, the results will start to pour in, allowing you to view in real time the progress of this task.

Besides retrieving the status, name, IP and MAC address for all the computers on a LAN, Advanced IP Scanner comes with a decent set of functions designed to help you remotely manage the PCs. These including sending 'Wake-On-LAN' or 'Shut down' commands.

The software comes with support for HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols and is also able to scan for NETBIOS name and group. The information as well as the usage of remote commands are, unfortunately, limited to machines running Windows OS.

An extra set of features becomes available from the 'Operations' menu of the application, but only if you install Radmin. This extends the capabilities of Advanced IP Scanner and provides you with options like for file transferring and chatting.

All the commands for a highlighted entry on the computer list can be quickly accessed by right-clicking that item. You should note that in order to carry out any remote administrative actions requires you to provide the right username and password for connecting to the selected machine.

Easy to use, with a friendly GUI and dedicated functions for adjusting the scan speed, remotely connecting and managing workstations, to name a few, this utility earns a high spot on the network tools list.

Advanced IP Scanner was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on March 24th, 2015
Advanced IP Scanner - After a quick scan, a result list is displayed in the main menu which contains useful information about the cataloged IPs.Advanced IP Scanner - You can access the File menu to scan from file, load your favorites and save your listAdvanced IP Scanner - From the Actions menu, you can use Radmin, wake or shutdown any selected computer.Advanced IP Scanner - You can select which IPs to view in the Results by accessing various options from the View menu.Advanced IP Scanner - The Performance panel can be accessed when you want to set the scanning speed.Advanced IP Scanner - From the Resources tab, you can mark which resources should be used by the scanning process.Advanced IP Scanner - You can automatically check for updates, alternate background colors and use portable version of Radmin Viewer.

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