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A tool that can let administrators know about problems with the outbound e-mail messages due to the registration of a public IP address on a DNS blacklist

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DNS Blacklist Monitor can prove useful to administrators of an e-mail server since it can check the DNS blacklist zones in order to find out whether any of the server's public IP addresses are registered with them.

By constantly monitoring the server's IP addresses, administrators can quickly identify problems with the outbound e-mail messages and promptly solve the issue before it affects the users.

User-friendly interface

Thanks to its accessible interface, the application is very easy to work with. You are advised to start by configuring its settings within the designated section, since you cannot add new IP addresses to monitor without defining the mail recipients to whom notifications will be sent.

Send notifications via e-mail or SMS

DNS Blacklist Monitor provides proxy support and enables you to enter the SMTP server settings in the designated tab of the 'Configuration' window. It helps you create a recipient list to whom it will periodically send notifications via e-mail. Making use of the Nexmo SMS gateway service, it can also send SMS messages to alert administrators about an issue.

Adding a new IP address to the monitoring list is easily done and within minutes you can instruct the application to start scanning them. DNS Blacklist Monitor verifies the DNS and the HTTP access and checks all the input IP addresses to see whether they are blacklisted or not.

In order for the application to work properly, the configured DNS address must be able to resolve IP addresses. When any of the addresses in the list is identified as being on a blacklist, the corresponding recipient receives an e-mail or a SMS containing the information.

Confront IP addresses with DNS blacklists

Administrators of e-mail servers can find this utility very helpful, since it enables them to take action in due time, minimizing the downtime of the server. With its user-friendly interface, DNS Blacklist Monitor should not pose problems to its users.

DNS Blacklist Monitor was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on June 24th, 2014
DNS Blacklist Monitor - You can view the list of blacklisted IP addresses using the main window of DNS Blacklist Monitor.DNS Blacklist Monitor - When adding a new address to the list, you must also select the recipients to whom a notification will be sent via e-mail.DNS Blacklist Monitor - DNS Blacklist Monitor can generate a complete report for the blacklisted IP addresses.DNS Blacklist MonitorDNS Blacklist MonitorDNS Blacklist MonitorDNS Blacklist MonitorDNS Blacklist Monitor

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