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Ping a range of IP Addresses

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IP Finder is a lightweight tool developed to ping a range of user-defined IP addresses, while also offering a few other tools to enhance the whole process.

If there's something to be praised about IP Finder, that's definitely the interface that makes everything very easy to use, mostly thanks to its intuitive options.

The user is thus prompted to input the start and the end IP addresses, while dedicated panels are supposed to show the used and the unused IPs in the defined IP range.

There's not much to configure about IP Finder, as the options screen available in the main window is fairly limited, offering only a bunch of settings to adjust main window transparency and set packets time out.

Last but not least, you can log used or unused IPs, but also save the results as TXT files for later use.

As you can see, IP Finder is far from being an advanced software solution, which makes it appropriate for all types of users, especially for rookies who're not willing to spend too much time setting up complex programs.

On the good side, IP Finder works like a charm on all Windows versions and remains friendly with hardware resources all the time. Still, it lacks some important configuration options and a help manual to aid rookies throughout the whole process.

All in all, IP Finder is a simple tool designed to ping an IP range and nothing more. Basic tools, a simple interface, almost no configuration options and no help file at all.

IP Finder was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 2nd, 2012
IP Finder - This is the main user interface of the application where you can easily set the IP range to be scanned

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