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A Wi-Fi network scanner that displays detailed information about all the detected wireless networks, enabling you to monitor data traffic

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InSSIDer is a useful application designed for the IT technicians that need to optimize the performance of a wireless network. The program intends to help you identify the interferences that have a negative impact on the signal strength.

The main goal of the application is to provide you with information about the nearby wireless networks such as the name, the broadcast channel and the used security method. It can also display the amplitude of each access point as a graph that enables you to easily view the one that has the stronger signal.

If the wireless routers in your neighborhood use the same frequency range, there is a good chance that the broadcasting channels overlap resulting in a lower efficiency. This tool can detect the channels used by other networks in order to manually select the one that does not overlap with the others.

You can select certain networks from the list in order to track their RSSI over a longer time interval. This can help you identify the networks that are closer to your location and have a greater impact on your device performance.

The program includes a GPS feature that allows you to identify your location and to display the geographical coordinates of the detected networks. You can use the information collected by the GPS with other applications by exporting them to KML files.

When the program detects a lot of networks you can easily select the information that you want to view by using the filtering feature. With a few clicks you can display only the devices from a certain vendor or the ones that use a certain security type and frequency range.

The interface of the program is easy to use, intuitive and requires insignificant resources to run. You can use it in the background without any impact on the performance of the system.

Overall, InSSIDer is a powerful application that displays advanced information about the wireless networks and can help you optimize the signal strength of your adapter.

InSSIDer Office was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on September 16th, 2015
InSSIDer Office - InSSIDer Office enables you to monitor the data traffic in your wireless network from a user-friendly interface.InSSIDer Office - InSSIDer Office displays the signal strength, as well as connection configuration details for the selected Wi-Fi network.InSSIDer Office - You can switch the view mode from physical to logical, as well as choose the band frequency from the designated menu of InSSIDer Office.InSSIDer Office - screenshot #4InSSIDer Office - screenshot #5

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