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Scan your computer for open / listening ports used by hackers

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Computer security remains one of the main concerns for most users connected to the Internet, especially when thinking that the number of available infections grows at a very fast pace every day.

Local Port Scanner comes to put an end to all these concerns, planning to help every user out there add a new security layer to their computers.

The program does such a simple yet important thing: it scans the computer for open ports and provides valuable information regarding each of them. Since Local Port Scanner has been designed to serve both beginners and experienced users, it comes with a very simple interface to reach its goal.

The software provides multiple scanning modes, depending on your options, as it follows: trojan scan, stealth scan, quick scan, ICMP scan, full TCP scan, full UDP scan and a user defined scan.

Each of the aforementioned modes are designed to check for the ports used by the most popular infections living out there in the wild, so you will know for sure if your computer is exposed to risks or not. Plus, you'll know exactly what to do in order to block a certain type of infection.

The 'Options' menu enables you to activate background scanning to check for open ports without hindering in any way the operation of the computer. The scanning process goes very fast and smooth, at least it went so during our tests, while computer performance wasn't affected at all.

All in all, Local Port Scanner is quite a handy tool if you wish to know whether your computer is exposed to risks or not. Light on system resources and very easy to use, this app is surely one of the best choices from its category.

Local Port Scanner was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on November 9th, 2012
Local Port Scanner - The Trojan scan method will search for open ports that are in peril of being attacked.Local Port Scanner - The stealth scan searches for vulnerable ports that can be used by hackers to access your computer.Local Port Scanner - You can perform a Full TCP scan and get information regarding available TCP addresses.Local Port Scanner - From the Scan menu users can configure a scan or use one of the predefined profiles.Local Port Scanner - screenshot #5Local Port Scanner - screenshot #6Local Port Scanner - screenshot #7Local Port Scanner - screenshot #8

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