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A Network IP Port Scanner for public and private addresses

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Network administrators might occasionally want to scan the available ports within their network, and a dedicated software solution can reduce the time it takes for them to complete this task. Net Scan is such a user-friendly application that is especially created to allow users to scan an entire private or public network with as little effort as possible.

One simply needs to enter the IP range they are interested in by specifying the start and end IPs, then adjust the value of the timeout (in milliseconds) according to their necessities. However, it needs to be mentioned that when it comes to scanning and processing numerous IPs, the application might slow down and even temporarily freeze, so it is recommended to stop any other running programs and only then start a new scan.

In addition to displaying the connection status for each IP, Net Scan also shows the name of each computer so it is easier to identify a certain PC. Moreover, users can view details regarding the network protocols supported by each workstation and they can try to establish a connection using the port they choose.

In terms of customization, Net Scan offers users the possibility to modify the colors used to indicate successful or failed connection, as well as the hue used for the actual connection. In order to change these colors, one simply needs to access the Settings window.

Al in all, Net Scan can come in handy to all those who want to analyze the status of several IPs then explore the network protocols (such as FTP, HTTP or telnet) supported by the target computers. Nonetheless, advanced users might prefer a more feature-packed application for their network scanning needs.

Net Scan was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on October 16th, 2012
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